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QUESTION: I was wondering if you knew what they call those plastic sheets they put between a mattress and the fitted sheet in case of accidents, and where someone could purchase them?

ANSWER: Hey James,

We call those 'Soaker Pads' and they should be fairly easy to find at any Medical Supply Store or even local pharmacies that also carry some medical supplies, particularly those who sell incontinent pads.  You might even be able to find them at WalMart, but you might want to call the pharmacy first and ask if they carry them

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QUESTION: Are you refering to the absorbant material pad, or plastic sheet? I am looking for a plastic sheet. Not an absorbant material. Just a barrier to make sure the fitted sheet takes most of it, but not the mattress.

A Soaker Pad is absorbent on one side and liquid repellent on the other.  But you should also be able to buy plastic sheet protectors at the same medical supply stores.

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PS: I apologise for my very tardy response but my laptop was acting up and I have had a heck of a time getting online for the past 2-3 weeks.  

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