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I did a blood test yesterday at a reputable biomedical lab in Jordan. (The guy who did the test on me was new though).
The man who did the test touched my vein (or the location near the bein before inserting the needle before inserting the needle). He sterliize the location around my vein before doing so.

He didn't have any blood on his fingers but

I'm a bit worried that there's a risk of transmission of viruses that can be transmitted through unseen blood. What if he had some unseen blood on his finger froum touching another patient's vein or something like that?

Are employees given insructions on this issue (i.e. if you want to touch the arm, make sure you do no touch the exact area that you will insert the needle into? or do they sterlize their hands (with something that kills enveloped viruses such as HBV) before doing that)?



Hello Hashim,
Reading your question, I don't think you have anything to worry about. The person should have had gloves on. But in order for blood transmission to happen he would have had to have an open cut or sore, stuck you and then touched that area with his open sore, I hope that makes sense. We in th US always wash our hands and use sanitary foam to kill any germs, and still wear gloves when starting an IV. The risk for transmission is higher for us and the blood gets on us then it is for the person getting stuck.  Warmest regards, KathleenY2

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