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I currently work on a post CV surgery stepdown unit.  I have been here 8 hrs, have my PCCN certification.  Have an associates in nursing and a BS in another science. I enjoy the unit I work on and enjoy the patient population. I feel restless because I could be doing more, moving onward and upward but I don't know which way to go or what I want to do.  I really dislike being in school and do not like the online format that most advanced degree programs utilize these days.I do not want more student loan debt.  I am praying about what to do.  I could be a great leader, have a stable & calm personality.  If I did go for an advanced degree, I don't know what is best.  NP? Nurse Educator?  I just don't know.  Do you have any thoughts on this? Thank you.

Hello Karen,
Wow, what a question. I don't honestly know how to answer this Karen, as I don't know what you are passionate about. If CV nursing is your passion and you want to teach within that unit then you could always start learning everything you can and become a educator for that unit. I can only tell you to look in your heart and find the passion and area of nursing that would fulfill you the most. I truly wish I could say "do this, or do that" but I can't, but I can say that since you are asking the question then there is an area where you are saying to yourself "I want more" or "I can give more". Good luck with whatever you decide to do. Best wishes and warmest regards, KathleenY2

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I can answer nursing questions related to medical nursing and preoperative and post operative nursing care. What to expect as you come into the hospital, questions to ask your doctor, what to expect postoperative. How to minimize your chances of post operative complications such as infection.


I am in charge of a thirty bed surgical unit on nights, twelve hour shifts. I am a resource person for new grads and new hires, I also work on the floor when not in charge and love bedside nursing.

Associates Degree in Nursing.

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Surgical patients, medical patients, pysch patients, detox patients at times. Our hospital does not discriminate, and regardless of finances or insurance are taken care of. On my floor we take care of all general surgeries, orthopedics, neurosurgery, urology. No pediatrics, I have taken care of as young as four years old, but am not an expert on pediatrics. I will never divulge personal information because of HIPPA laws, and will not go out of my scope of practice.

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