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I am interested in getting an ass. degree in nursing. I have my master's degree in an unrelated field of study. I am interested in a career change. Would already having a master's degree help me with the transistion?


Yes...the masters degree will help by transferring all of the general education.... ie math, english and electives etc.... into the nursing degree. If you had microbiology and anatomy and physiology then you would probably just have the nursing core classes.

The associate RN degree is tough nowadays because hospitals are opting for the BSN nurses for the same rate of pay. Nurses get paid by years of service and not usually education. So the hospital would take the 4 year nurses over the 2 year nurses right out of school when they have many applicants. I am not seeing this so called "nursing shortage" at this time.

I would call your local hospital HR and ask them if they are hiring 2 year RN's in their hospital. Many are just looking at 4 year degrees right now. Some areas are still short of nurses and they will take 2 year RN's. Hopefully, you are in the geographical area which is need of nurses.

Good luck!

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