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Dear Efoghor

Recently I tore the skin in between my finger name and the flesh area, right where the two borders. I immediately had it attended to by a nurse, who cleaned it with more than one substance before finally wrapping it. Now this minor treatment was not really painful, well bearly. Now, just after stepping out of the camp clinic I started feeling very ill, and I knew this bad feeling was connected to the dressing of my finger which just took place, for this is not the first time I had to endure these faint feelings even while minor injuries are treated. Now, after feeling ill, I sat somewhere and the feelings grew far worse to the extent that I began sweating a lot, and just could not remain still, and even had to decline help to go to the nurse, for I felt quite sure that had I stood up I would have passed out even while being assisted. In a little after 5 minutes the feelings went, and a little of it remained for a few hours until later in the evening it went completely. Now over the years I have been wondering what causes these feelings when my injuries are attended to. Years ago I saw a mother attending to her son's injury. Now when I saw the pair of scissors in her hands, I immediately fell ill, and remained ill until I left work. Can you explain this kind of experience to me, and what causes them and how I can overcome them? Many thanks in anticipation of your soon reply.

Your truly

David, a few people suffer this funny feeling when they are injured, see blood or have their wounds dressed. What you had was not due to an infection or a poorly dressed wound; rather it comes from a state of extreme fear. This fear leads to the release of adrenaline and nor-adrenaline, which eventually trigger the blood vessels to be dilated and produce sweating.

In other words, your fainting attacks were due to a medical condition known as psychological shock or acute stress disorder, which results from extreme fear. The fear usually develops from exposure to a terrifying event at a point in life, which like in your case, must have been due to the dressing you witnessed while you still a child.

The symptoms in most cases resolve on their own with time. But whereby they fail to resolve, I would advise you see a psychotherapist. But wherever you experience such, just try and remain in a sitting position or better still, lie down. Never attempt to get up as this could lead to fainting and further injury. thanks.

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