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I have no ICU experience, but my strongest desire in nursing is to become a nurse anesthetist. Most schools ask for ICU experience. I have been finding it difficult to get a job in ICU. Can you please advice on how I can handle this situation. I am single for the moment and willing to travel anywhere in the United states in order to acquire this experience.
Jude Kum, RN

Hi Jude, I don't know why you're having trouble finding a job in ICU but I will try to help you.  
What is your nursing experience?  Most ICU positions require at least 1 to 2 years of med-surg experience.  
Do you have ACLS certification?  Although many ICUs require their nurses to become ACLS certified within a year of beginning the job, the certification might give you an advantage when applying for an ICU position .  
Do you have good references from former nurse managers and co-workers?
Do you have a Bachelor or Associate degree?
Have you asked for feedback after being turned down for a position that you interviewed for?
The answers to these questions might help me answer your question better.
Best Wishes,

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