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Hi, I am about to start university in a few days and I'm doing a combined degree in science and nursing. The reason I chose these 2 is because I'm not 100% on what I want to do, so I can always drop the nursing, change my science majors etc. What I do know is I am really interested in human biology, diseases, health etc. I would have done medicine to become a general practitioner because it seems like something I would enjoy doing (mainly diagnosing, giving information, etc). But I decided not to because I don't believe I am capable and also it does take a lot of time. Instead I thought I may become a nurse practitioner instead.

Anyway, my main issue is I'm not sure if I will like nursing. Mainly the social part. I'm really shy and nervous and introverted. I think possibly it will be something I might grow out of especially when I start uni. But I'm just in general a nervous person, not outgoing and basically I feel I have personality traits that do not fit a nurse. This would not matter much to me if I could become an NP right away; but I am required to do at least 5 years as an RN before doing an NP course.

Do you think this will be a problem for me? Should I consider another career?

Hello Nicole,
I cannot tell you what you should be or do. If you feel passionate towards something, then that is the direction you want to take. I know alot of introverted and shy nurses, who are that way with staff, but seem to blossom when taking care of a patient. Nicole, nursing is an "all in" type of career. If you think you will be defeated by a certain way of thinking, then you will be. As far as I know, we only go through this life once, therefore have no regrets and shoot for whatever you want to do! I hope this helps you, good luck Nicole in whatever you choose. If you want to follow up with a question than please do so.  Warmest regards, KathleenY2

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