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Hello Ken,

I was newly hired to work on a Medicine-Progressive Care Unit at an urban hospital in my area after spending one year in long-term care (nursing homes). I was excited to work in PCU because I thought it would be more interesting than simple Med-Surg. Also, I knew I would need to understand dysrhythmias cause I THINK I would like to get into Critical Care to become a CRNA.

LTC was my first job experience after graduating from an ADN. I would like to obtain my BSN in the near future. Do you think I should have considered basic Med-Surg after being in nursing homes instead of (happily) jumping to a PCU? I just want your opinion. There are some trachs, ETOH abuse/withdrawal, cardiac monitors/telemetry, Heparin drips, TPNs, etc.


Court J

Court J:

I would look into for your BSN program. I did my BSN online here while working full time doing just one class a semester. It is very convenient.

As far as your being on can do it as long as you get the training. You need to take basic arrhythmia and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) before you start on the floor. This will give you the base education to start on a monitored floor.

You should also try to take the critical care course if they offer it at your hospital. It will give you a more stable base of knowledge to get you started.

I would also study up on Heparin drips and Cardizem drips. Those are probably the main drips associated in the PCU area of nursing.

Good Luck!  

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