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QUESTION: I am 35 and male and my good cholesterol is too low and my triglycerides are too high. They are 250 and I'm told from the doctor's note after my physical that triglycerides should be below 150. Is that an outdated number? My sister is a nurse and that's what she told me. I have since given up pop, eat pizza much less often, and try to eat salmon every week. I would really like to get my numbers in order for a 6 month followup I have. If I got a home cholesterol test how often should I test myself for meaningful results? I wanted to get one for hdl, ldl, and triglycerides.

ANSWER: Hello James,
Sorry I am so late getting back to you, computer issues. Thank you for your questions, No 150 is not really outdated, 200-499 are considered very high on the scale.  But you would do so much better with going with whole grains, wheat. If you want pizza, try a healthy whole wheat pizza crust. Stay away from white, such as white potatoes, white rice, white bread which all are carbs (bad) carbs. Go high in fruits and vegetables. cook with virgin olive oil instead of vegetable oil. Making these simple changes will bring your Triglycerides down. Increase your excercise, such as taking a walk after dinner. Invest in a fitbit or such to keep track of your steps. Investing in a home kit of course you can do, however not always accurate. If you do all these steps and still have a problem than there is medication to help . But I believe in a healthier lifestyle will truly help you to achieve your goals. You want to give yourself time to achieve those goals and have your levels checked again in 6 months. You wrote to me, so you want this! You got this!!!

         Warmest regards, KathleenY2

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QUESTION: I've read home cholesterol tests are fairly accurate but that it is more a matter of timing. I'm assuming like weight cholesterol fluctuates over a day and perhaps across a week. I'm only interested in a home test because I assume it would be much more cost affection than going to the lab assuming I don't need a script for that. I always eat whole grain but have been told that and sugary fruit have a bad affect also. I am trying to research a good fish oil pill and eat salads every other day or more from the organic salad bar at the store. If I did get a cholesterol test for home how often should I test? By the way the 6 month followup might primarily be about my back pain.

Good Morning James,
In the labs, they want cholesterol checked every 6 months to see if effectiveness is met on what ever your changes are. If you wanted to invest in a home kit, I would say every 3 months, however labs need a certain amount of blood to test, this is why I am not sure of accuracy with these home kits. And if you are on anytype of aspirin or blood thinner medications I would be concerned about checking it at home, having said that, I am sure it's probably a finger stick, which again I wonder about accuracy. Where I work, guidelines are to have cholesterol checked every 6 months to one year. Fruits and vegetables have natural sugars which are actually good for you compared to anything processed. Good luck! Warmest regards, KathleenY2

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