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walter wrote at 2010-08-11 22:12:01
AWHONN has standards for nurse patient ratio.  Also, "Guidelines for Perinatal Care" published by the AAP and ACOG is the authority for staffing.

Cynthia wrote at 2014-12-13 09:37:09
Staff to patient ratios are addressed by AWHONN. Their guidelines are based on evidence based practice for safe practice. You can find a PDF version online. It's called "Guidelines for Professional Registered Nurse Staffing for Perinatal Units" It encompases Labor and Delivery, Post Partum, Mother-Baby and Well and Level II and Level III care neonates. I can assure you 12 infants per nurse is not safe. The most a nurse should care for is six, assuming they are well. I hope this helps in your arguments for safer staffing.

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