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Hey I work in a photo studio where the photographers shoot with latest canons and nikons and they use sd or compact flash. Our customers want to sit with us and design there albums, not dvd albums but actual albmus that will be printed. Do you have any know good recommended software to design albums, something wih lots of effects and inserts, easier than photoshop?? I want to sit with a customer and show him how everypage will look on his physical album but I need software which will have effects and inserts and easy to use, if you know anything please let me know THANKS!

Bride and Bridesmaids
Bride and Bridesmaids  
Hello Meir,

I recommend LumaPix FotoFusion Extreme available from

GraphiStudio called me the other day about a free software for designing GraphiStudio albums but you must have a professional photographer account and sign into the Trade Area for the download. I've not used it yet so I can't recommend one way or the other at this time. But you may check out GraphiStudio at

For the sake of All Experts readers, you will always be provided up to date information about photographic software and hardware by subscribing to professional photography magazines like Rangefinder where you may receive a free subscription at

Another great professional photography magazine is Professional Photographer by the Professional Photographers Association (PPA) at

For my own wedding customers I offer a PDF download "Story Boards" which they may easily print. These forms makes it faster and easier for my customers to understand how to organize and quickly design the layouts they would basically like for me to create for them. When I'm working with a distant client, they simply mail me the Story Boards and I email them the design proofs for feedback and final approval before printing.  When working with a local client, they bring the Story Boards to me and I design everything and then set-up an appointment for a sit down "final design session".  This saves me a LOT of time.

Hope there is some information here that helps.

Wedding Photographer John Wilson
Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Over 30 years professional photography experience.

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