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I'm getting ready to buy a camcorder to use for weddings.  I currently own a Canon 5D and my first inclination was to buy a Canon, but the more I read reviews on camcorders, the more confused I get. Hmmmm!  

Any suggestions?  What do you use?


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Hi Alex,

Thanks for your questions regarding professional wedding video services as a wedding photographer. I'm hearing every other week or so from professional wedding photographers seeking to add wedding video services to their repertoire.

Glad to hear you are using a Canon 5D. Great still camera. Of course, it doesn't have video capability and that's fine.  In my opinion, you and I are better off having video cameras instead which offer great features, quality etc., without having to lose both anytime an otherwise video/still combination camera might need to be turned in for some kind of work. So I highly recommend purchasing a fully dedicated video camera.

As a photographer you probably already have a very good computer for working with Canon's RAW files and batch processing 12.8 megapixel JPEGs, etc.  But for high definition video processing you might need or want a lot more RAM in your computer besides a quad processor at 3GZ or faster.

You can do a great job in video post production with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum. Unless you know you might want to get more serious about video production, I would then recommend Adobe Premier Pro. I think that runs around $700.00 at this time.

Also remember there are differences between still camera tripods and video tripods.  So make sure you get a great video tripod.  This is especially important to make sure you can have the video with a quick and easy level horizon and leave it unattended now and then during the wedding ceremony while you and your 2nd shooter capture stills.

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