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Are there any garden wedding locations in Knoxville or Knox County Tennessee which you can recommend for garden wedding ceremonies? What garden wedding venues can you tell me about even if you haven't photographed at them? If there happens to be bad weather on the wedding day, what garden wedding places can offer or include a plan B such as pavilion or other building?  Thank you for your time.

Gardens of Sunshine Hollow
Gardens of Sunshine Ho  
Hi Lilly,

Thank you for your questions about garden weddings in Knoxville Tennessee.

The Gardens of Sunshine Hollow located in East Tennessee off I-75 between Knoxville and Chattanooga I would highly recommend. The Gardens are less than an hour away from both cities. Over thirty five years of work and half a million dollars have resulted in the creation of a magnificent Garden which blooms from Spring to Fall. If you want to enjoy a wedding venue surrounded by thousands of flowers, then consider making arrangements to have your special event in The Gardens. Their Gardens have hosted dozens of weddings over the years. Home cooked catering is available on site. They are dedicated to making your event a special one for you and your family.

The Gardens of Sunshine Hollow offer beautiful flowers and scenery throughout the season. Over 1750 varieties of perennial flowers plus thousands of annual flowers offer floral displays that vary depending on their bloom seasons. Their garden wedding site is situated in the middle of 160 acres of beautiful forest. The Gardens and a two acre sparkling lake serve as the backdrop for their wedding site.

Behind the wedding pergola is a large raised backdrop of roses, day lilies and other annual flowers plus several shepherd's hooks of hanging baskets. The main wedding area is a quarter acre lawn which slopes gently toward the wedding arch with the lake as a backdrop. The lawn area is the world's finest lawn grass "Meyer Zoysia" and is like a green carpet under your feet as it leads down to the wedding arch.

Continue the memories by having your reception in The Gardens. The reception venue is surrounded by a beautiful shade gardens as well as 100 hanging baskets and ferns.  The 4000 square foot pavilion is big enough for a large group and a dance floor. They specialize in full home-cooked buffet meals prepared fresh right in our kitchen in The Gardens - not prepared in the morning and carted in from the city. They include all rental fees for tables, chairs, table cloths, gift table, wedding cake table, registration table, etc.

Chairs for the wedding party can be set up for up to 200 people to make a gentle amphitheater for the wedding event. A good view can be had by each attendee. Weddings that are held after 4:00pm  also take advantage of the fact that the sun sets early behind the hills that form the Hollow so the wedding site is in shade. Sunshine Hollow can furnish power for music players or instrumentalists as well as a registration table or table for music players.

I also recommend their garden wedding site for outdoor or environmental engagement and bridal portraits. If you are fond of beautiful, vibrant and bright colors in photographs, you would probably love having your garden wedding at Gardens of Sunshine Hollow. I found them on a wedding & event directory at

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