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I live in Florida.. i just had a question   

i am working with a  client for my web work

he hired a pro photographer to take pictures at the cooking school. he pays this guy to take the pictures.
I've noticed in small what letters  he puts the copyright sign with his name…    i don't like this.. does my client OWN the pictures since he is paying the
photographer for the pictures?


Good question.  Your client doesn't necessarily own the photos just because he paid. Never hire a photographer for a job with a job proposal and contract from that photographer or from your client laying out every little detail of the job, including usage and who owns the photos. In most cases, a photographer will own just about every image they capture but should be able to lay out a usage fee or at least describe the usage in the contract. If your photographer isn't providing you a detailed contract then you should most likely find one who is more experienced in doing this. Depending on the contract, unlimited usage can be pricey but again, that should all be agreed upon before the shoot.

Hope this helps. If it wasn't agreed upon beforehand then you might have to bite the bullet on this particular job. Talk to the photographer if you already haven't. Maybe it's just common practice for him to but his name on everything so it's not copied and used in social media. Contract, contract, contract with lots of details.

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