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hello  and good morning to you don can i ask you a question about the particular features of a digital camera  what is the distincy difference between hd cmos sensor and fx cmos sensor and dx cmos sensor ..i know theses qualities able the photographer to take pictures in the dark or less light  please reply

Near as I can tell from a very quick survey of the three terms. the first, HD cmos sensor refers to a video camera and the image you both see and receives the necessary pixels to form the image. The other terms seem to refer to the size of the viewing screen in relationship with the size of the captured image. One uses an area the size of a 35 mm negative, the other a slightly larger area. So you would be able to enlarge to a larger size without losing clarity and showing graininess. It would also compare to using a faster film, ASA 400 compared to ASA 6400, the ;higher the ASA number refers to the image you get on the negative.IE, ASA 6400 would enable you to take pictures of a darker situation than that for tahe 400 ASA film. I hope this clarifies slightly the differences. Bottom line is, does the camera suit you. Is it a steep learning curve to operate it successfully. I wish you well in your search for the perfect camera.If you foresee the need of extremely large enlargements and the need for lack of grain then you'd go for the camera with the most megapixels. If you will be satisfied with an 8" x 10" then most any camera will do. Even the least expensive will do the job. Perhaps you can grow into a better camera after you see what your needs are. Good luck, I hope you think this has helped you. If I can help you again please ask in this media.

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I have been a professional photographer for 35 years. Wedding, portraits, passports, copies, groups pix, reunions, etc. Specialty in photography of large groups. I also have worked in newspaper photography for most of my photographic years. I have built and maintained a b/w darkroom, and a color darkroom.


I have been a professional photographer for 35 years. I am transitioning to digital photography so I might be able to help in that field. I'm retired now but am still able to be helpful in the field. I have built a b/w, color darkroom, worked in a color lab, worked in the newspaper field both in darkroom and as a shooter.



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