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Have you heard of online digital interactive wedding albums? I would like to know the pros and cons of paying for a virtual interactive wedding album.  Why would I want this instead of a physical wedding album.  Why would a consumer want both a physical wedding album and an online interactive wedding album with pages which may be flipped and even feature wedding video as well.

Online Interactive Wedding Album
Online Interactive Wed  
Online interactive wedding albums may be beautifully designed and are often simply an online version of a professional physical wedding album.

Readers may view examples of online interactive wedding albums at These online wedding albums are "interactive" not just because you may flip the pages to look through the album, but also these online albums may have wedding video as well.

Some album companies and photo labs use online interactive wedding albums with flipping pages for design proofing purposes.  This makes it even better for most brides and pro photographers to see and get a feel for how the wedding album is coming along in the design proofing process.  Once the bride and/or pro photographer has approved the virtual wedding album, the actual physical album may be created.

With so many people opting to pay the higher price for professional wedding photography strictly in the form of digital files, it is only the next logical step for "digital savvy" consumers to seek strictly online digital presentations of their wedding albums.

Our wedding album design services start at $10 per page or "album side". This price includes "indefinite" hosting of your interactive wedding album at This translates to around $200 for an online interactive wedding album with your favorite 60 images creatively placed among 20 pages with an average of five images per page. More images than five per page often starts looking more like a scrapbook album which album designers prefer to avoid. On one page there may be a video which features best wishes only from the wedding party. Surrounding this video are photographs of the wedding party.  Flip a few more pages and you may find photographs of just the bride and groom on their wedding day.  Mixed among these beautiful shots of the bride and groom is a video interview of them as they talk about their hopes and dreams of making their new life together.

Of course online interactive wedding albums provide a variety of practical advantages.  You never have to worry about it getting lost, damaged or stolen and very convenient to share on mobile devices and with family and friends nearby and distant.

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