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QUESTION: I have a confusion to select my P.G course in physics. Whether to choose M.Sc Medical physics or M.Sc Physics. Which one has better scope and great job opportunities. Or if there is any other better course than this in field of physics???

ANSWER: Hi Renes:

Medical Physics and Physics are quite different.  Medical Physics in the United States has become more like a M.D. degree, requiring an accredited program and residency before being able to sit for the board examination.  I am not sure how it is in other countries.

If you want to be a Medical Physicist and are willing to go through the residency process assuming you are admitted to an accredited program in the first place), the profession is certainly one in which there are good jobs.

For an M.Sc. in physics, it is a bit more difficult to identify a specific profession as an outcome.  It is still a very general degree.  That doe snot mean that you can't find a job but it takes a bit more effort and imagination.

An alternative professional degree might be one in Radiation Health Physics, which is allied to, but NOT Medical Physics.  Look up the Health Physics Society for more information.

Hope this helps

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QUESTION: I want something great in physics. I want to apply physics. I want something different. Whether medical physics will be such a course?

Hi Renes:

No one can tell you that.  You need to do research on the field yourself and decide if it is exciting for you.  Of course you can make contributions to the field no matter what direction you go, you had just better choose one you are excited about.

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