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   I am Student currently pursuing B-Tech Computer Science and Engineering. I absolutely love physics, ever science I was young I wanted to reach the stars, solve problems and figure out how to make the world a better place. Although I do enjoy programming and coding, there is this sound in my heart that points towards my real passion to take up physics. I wanted to ask you if by any chance I can pursue a Physics degree right after I complete my B-Tech, here in India or Abroad. If it is possible, what are the pre requisites that I have to have.

Thank You in advance for the help you give me...

Hi Abhishek:

Yes, it is possible but it will be a challenge.  If possible you should try to take as many physics courses as possible.  This may not be an option in India but if you can, this will help a lot.  The second thing to do is to try to get a Masters in physics in India in order to demonstrate the competence in the field which is needed to get into a PhD program (I assume that this is your eventual goal).  In the meantime, a lot of self-study in the areas of classical and quantum mechanics as well as electrodynamics can help you get ready for the switch.

Good luck,


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