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Hello sir

Sir if matter is a technical term for protons nuetrons and electrons and objects made up of them , then why have not defined matter as technical term for protons neutrons and electronand objects made up of them, why the scientists have defined matter as anything which had mass and which occupies space


Let me present an analogy.  If we define birds as living animals with feathers, beaks, and wings, why do we have names for individual kinds of birds.  Swans, gees, swallows, penguins, and so on.

Matter is a category, electrons, protons, neutrons, neutrinos, muons, tauons, quarks are all matter but they have different properties which distinguish them.  Consequently they have different names.  This is not profound, it is the way humans categorize things.  I would rather say "electron" than "matter which has a mass of 9.10938356 10-31 kilograms, and a charge of negative 1.60217662 10-19 coulombs".  The name categorizes a thing and tells up quickly whatit's properties are.

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