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Mr.wagoner i am obtaining my ged and am wanting to follow several family members in the law enforcement career and corrections i have a misdameanor possesion of marijuana and poss of thc paraphnelia when i was 20 i violated my probation and recieved 30 days in jail and got a adjudication withheld im 24 now and have two sons and am realy wanted a career in law for a sense of pride and a better life for my family would this stop me from being a correctional officer in the state of florida for fldoc would realy like to know if this will stop me if so i will not try and get my hopes up will continue in restraunt work thank you and god bless

Good Morning Timothy,

Well I have to say that your prior arrest record will make it very very difficult for you to get hired by most agencies I think you have a decent chance at being hired by the Florida Department of Corrections. They are so far down in manpower that they are really looking for people who are willing to put forth effort and get through the corrections class and make a real career out of the job. They're a little bit more forgiving than the County correctional facilities or law enforcement agencies.

What I would do is call your local Department of Corrections recruiter in your area, you can find them on the website usually, and speak to them directly about your past and what you want to do and they should be able to give you a pretty good idea of whether or not you would even be considered.

Although it's only been four years since your last encounter I think if you speak to them about how you are now a parent and responsible individual and realize your mistakes in the past that might go a long way in helping to encourage them to consider you for a position.

Good luck in whatever you choose and I wish you the best, and God bless you also and your family.

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