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I graduated from the police academy in March of 2011. I passed the state certification not long after graduating. I have been trying to get hired on with an agency since then and have not even been able to get an interview with anyone. I think alot of it has to do with me being arrested back in 1997 when I was 18. It was a felony arrest for grand theft but I was not convicted. I went through a pre-trial intervention program and paid restitution. Then after that the charges dropped. This is the only trouble I have ever been in. I know some agencies state on their applications that even a felony arrest is a disqualifer so those agencies I have not applied for. I just recently applied for an agency and their application does not state felony arrest as a disqualifier but they called me to inform me my application is disqualified due to my felony arrest was after 1981. So my question is will any agency even give me a chance or are they seeing this arrest and immediately saying no. And would it help if I were to get my record expunged? I really want to be a police officer and it's deflating to see these agencies not even giving me a chance for an interview so they can get to know me and not just what a piece of paper states.

Good Morning James,

I'm sorry to say that yes that is probably what is keeping you from being hired. all of the agencies that I know of will hire someone with a felony arrest on the record because there are too many applicants out there who have no felony arrests and therefore are considered to be higher on the list then you. Even though yours was so long ago and appears to be fairly minor you have to be a better applicant and more marketable than the person who you are competing against for those positions. With so many people applying now because of the economy for these jobs there are many applicants who have no criminal background and a college degree and maybe even veterans preference points the place them high on the list as far as applicants go. So I would say that getting your record expunged may help, but it may not your all of your issues. Your best bet is to apply to a smaller agency and be able to explain to the background investigator your arrest and the circumstances surrounding it.

I would say that that is your best chance for being hired.

Good luck in your job seeking endeavors.  

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