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So ever since I was little I wanted to be a cop (now I'm 18) and slowly pursued that dream by being an explorer for the local sheriffs office where I live. Just recently it hit me that I really want to specialize in sex crimes; I myself have been violated along with other women I know and I want to help them. I also wanted to help women that have been forced into sex slavery.
In short my question is how do I specialize in sex crimes?
I figure I have a leg up with being an explorer and plan on going to school and majoring in criminal justice. Obviously nothing prepares you as well as hands on experience, but what courses/lasses would you advice me taking to reach my goal of specializing in sex crimes?

Grace, sorry for the delay in answering...I had been away for awhile.  Firstly, let me say that you are focussed in the right way, that is, you have said much of what I would tell you.  Get a college education and specialize in criminal justice, but zero in on essays, etc. that take in your choice of specialty once you enter investigative services.  When those whose job it is to place people in the appropriate positions see that a person has prepared himself for a specific area of criminal work, they tend to honor that effort.  I have a niece who is in school and I keep emphasizing to her that it is not enough just to complete college courses.  One must make the additional effort to research journal articles, psychological journals, etc. dealing with the subject of sex crimes.  Also, once you are a sworn member of a law enforcement agency, let it be known that you are seeking a slot in the sex crimes unit.  Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Good luck.

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