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Hi, I am in the process of writing a book and I was wondering something... I have this character who has kidnapped a group of children, shipped them over to another country, basically is treating them like slaves and is training them to kill. I was just wondering, if someone saw what was happening and reported it to the police, who would be responsible for taking care of a situation like this? How many years would someone like this get in a prison? Have you heard of anything like this happening? It kind of sounds crazy to myself, but it sounds interesting and something that could make a good read. thank you for your time.

Good Afternoon,

What you're talking about is actually occurring and not fictional. Is occurring mostly in Africa where children as young as 10 are being taken from their villages and forced to conscript into local militias and fight against the governments there.

If the crime occurred in the United States the local police would be the ones to get involved and there are specialist in what we call "human trafficking" and they investigate these types of crimes. There are even specialty courses for police officers who are interested in this.

If someone saw what was happening and reported it to the police, who would be responsible for taking care of a situation like this? The local police.

How many years would someone like this get in a prison? Life would not be beyond reason.

Have you heard of anything like this happening? All the time in Africa and other third world nations, but very few in the US if any are taken overseas for this. US kids are too savvy and would find a way to get out or away.

Hope this helps..  

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