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I am currently taking an online course in criminal investigations and will graduate with my associates degree in approximately one year after which I will take BLE classes. My question is, if you were hypothetically in charge of looking at someone's potential and hiring them, would the fact that they received their degree online matter? I know you may not have any experience with this type of thing, but I'm looking for your opinion with what you've seen happen in your career.

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Tabatha, I would say that if your question was posed to me fifteen years ago, I'd tell you that an online degree would hold no weight.  Today, however, things are different.  Many top rated schools confer on-line degrees.  We are living in a digital world, even magazines will be read on i-pads and other devices.  I think you shouldn't worry about the fact you are getting your education is the sign of the times.  Good luck.

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