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I currently work for the Department of the Army as a Fire Inspector. I see there is an opening for Police officer at Walter Reed in Silver Spring. I have recently been through a academy for Federal Protective service locally and am certified with the 120 FPS basic. I've been wanting to get into law enforcement but now that ive completed this training I have not been able to find employment part time. I'm basically hoping that this training and experience helps me out resume wise.

Is there any help you can provide for the proper grammer and write up's for being graded on the KSA's so that maybe I can have a chance to make the cert list?

ANSWER: Are you looking for full, or part time work?

Bottom line up front on this, though....if this is Forest Glen/Fort Detrick and it is an ad for an 0083 Police officer, unless you are a 5 point veteran preference candidate, your resume won't even make the initial 'cut'.   (It'll come back as 'not fully qualified' or something along those lines).   

Writing the resume, though, is actually pretty easy.   All you have to do is incorporate the KSA's into it, VERBATIM, bad grammar and all, since that is what the computer looks for.   Your biggest hurdle is passing that computer screening, which only looks for 'key words' and nothing else whatsoever.

But, again, you have to have veterans preference, or your resume won't make it THAT far.

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QUESTION: The announcement says nothing about having to be a veteran for eligibility, I've put in for a job where I've been selected over veterans because of my qualifications. Don't get me wrong I feel the veterans should have preference and deserve the opertunity as long as they also meet the requirements for the position. I am looking to change careers, so yes full time.

Back to my question, with you being in the federal system I was hoping you could send me examples of how to apply the key words in regards to the KSA'S questions. Thank you for your help.

Telling you straight out, based on my knowledge of that system and area, without vet preference your chances are just about 'nil' or less.   Give it a shot, but don't be surprised if you get turned down.

I don't have any examples of how to apply the KSA's I'm afraid, since all I've ever done is just cut and paste sentences from the job description, into the resume, and build around that.    There is no real trick to it, other than get as much as you can into the resume without lying about your qualifications.     If all you have is your academy and no other LEO experience, and no veterans preference, you are going to have to be creative when it comes to applying the KSA's.

If hired, chances are very, very good that you'll have to go to FLETC in Glynco, Ga.  

Wish I could be of more assistance, but I'm not involved in the hiring process.  

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