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QUESTION: There's a new family who moved in next door. The man is a police officer and stops by for lunch at his home with his police car parked out front. Are there any ethics on this? It just does not seem to me to be a good idea airing this to the neighborhood.

ANSWER:   Most communities welcome police officers who bring their cars home.  In fact many counties, including mine, assign "take-home" cruisers to officers and they can drive them anywhere that they want to including home, to church, to the store,  or to a ball game.

It is a deterrent to crime and people tend to feel safe with a police officer living in their neighborhood.

I am really puzzled by your obvious distress over this.  I'd like to know what your reservations are and what " airing this to the neighborhood" means.

Please reply because this is the first time I have ever had a questioner object to a police car in the neighborhood.

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QUESTION: I live in a well established neighborhood with many  neighbors who have lived here for many years. When the family moved in many  neighbors welcomed them  with food and just hello and welcome here type gestures. The family is not friendly and  act busy and ignore friendly hellos. You are treated like you are invisible, not ever a wave or smile even. There are times you can hear loud yelling and cussing by this police officer to his young kids. This man has also stared over walls at neighbors ,just an eerie uncomfortable and intrusive person.This family is also trying to build on this small lot a guesthouse but is calling it a different name and use because guest houses are not permitted in the area.This has led to some opposition by neighbors and city hall playing wimpy which is really weird because this city is difficult and says no to almost everything. It looks to others they are trying to find loopholes in the law and skirting the truth. Thanks, Linda

I don't see how any of this has anything to do with him bringing his police cruiser home.

It also has nothing to do with him being a police officer.  It is a neighbor dispute and you are singling him out because he is a police officer.

If he worked for the cable company and brought his truck home at lunch would you be writing this email?

Your issue is with his supervisor if you feel that his conduct is unlawful or is disturbing the neighborhood.

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