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Hey i want to be a SVU detective. I'm a Senior in college and im aiming for A Bachelors Degree of Criminal Investigation. I know that after college i need to be a police officer before being a detective. For how many years do i have to be a police officer? And how long does it take to actually become a detective? Any tips, advice you have for me for this career.? Thanks in Advance!

Chantal, you are pursuing your career in the best today needs a college degree and a clean record.  You should embrace the years you will spend as a police officer in that it prepares you for what you will need as a detective.  Things such a evidence rules, case law, proper search warrant techniques and, most important, developing valuable confidential informants.  As you progress through the policing experience, make it known that you intend to become a detective...spend some time with them.  Also, you should make application to a large department where the opportunities exist for entering the various detective roles.  To give you a hint of what you are facing, in the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. (a department with over 12,000 sworn officers) fewer than 1.5 percent of officers ever get to work homicide. Good luck with your plans!

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