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Hi Loren,
I have read a lot of your responses and believe you will be strait forward in your response.
I am really excited to have made it to the background investigation interview for the Sheriff's department.  I was completely honest on my questionnaire but I am now wondering and nervous about a couple of things.  
First, how much will sexual history impact whether or not I pass the interview portion.  Specifically, admitting to incest (yes I know it makes me sick to my stomach-there was sexual abuse when I was a kid)and sex with a minor when I was 18 and he was 17 and we had sex in public places (This was 20 years ago)?  I never participated in any other illegal sexual activity but was pretty promiscuous when I was young.
Now, how will that affect whether or not I will "pass" my background check?  I do not anticipate any other issues, but I am getting sick to my stomach just thinking about giving that strangers!  It was hard enough to talk to a counselor about.  

My other question is WHO in the Sheriff's department besides the investigators will have access to the information?  I have a friend, who is a Lt. in the department I applied with that goes to my church and am REALLY sick to my stomach that they will have access to my questionnaire.

Thank you so much for your time.  
Wishing I didn't apply...

Hello Ademsmm,
This is a little out of my 'zone', but I'll convey some opine, if that can be helpful.
First...stop fretting....about EVERYTHING!!
What's past, by definition, is past. You can't undo that which was done during a time'youthful exuberance'..and, like most of us, we didn't make decisions, we are particularly proud of.
That, is what makes us imperfect beings.
Can the LT. you fret about access your P-file? probably not 'legally', but there exists a ''whisper'' communication avenue in most agencies. But, to what end?. Mere curiosity does not comport with agency standards, nor is it likely calibrated with Church Doctrine.
Then, to be Judgmental, and share with others, would exacerbate HIS transgressions.

Who you are today, is what is relevant.
Being honest and forthwith in the stages of application is smart, as often times, agencies will pull polygraph questions out of an application, oral interview, or other matters of CHARACTER inquiry.
It is about 'character', and your decision making, not back in ancient history, when hormones demonstrated a life of their own.
The 'moral compass " or fabric that an agency strives for, is about character, maturity, responsible and so on.
Much of these type examinations are a bit abstract....but any doubt on an applicant, virtually all police agencies will decide in favor of the agency needs....period, and as it should be.

Contemporary drug use, alcohol abuse, 'stupid debt' choices, poor driving record, any high risk insurance problems, and any domestic violence problems, is pretty much a deal-breaker.

Life is a learning a series approach. And, many folks come from a corner of the Briar-Patch, that has been more challenging, than others.
Just do the best you can...

Background Investigations cost that is precious to all police budgets...That SO would not be delving into your background, if you did not pique their interest on first blush, and through their filters, they are spending part of their appropriations, to see if they have reason to view you as an attractive candidate, for future consideration.

About your being "promiscuous" issues like in a 'public place' are picayune misdemeanors, unless perpetrated at the 50 yard line during a high school football game.
Youthful judgement is usually not heralded as being profound. And YOUR virtue, belongs to no other.

Prophecy is not one of my gifts, so how that SO perceives you as an employment potential is yet to be determined.
Don't forget there is competition aplenty, and usually it depends on which applicant can pony up the most/best KSA's (knowledge-skills-abilities), tends to be favored.
If the hiring does not go your way, ask for an appointment with the supervisor of HR and inquire on how you were rated, what you can work on, in future competition, and if there was anything else you can enhance, repair, or adjust.
There are other agencies too, and there are an abundance of regulatory agencies as well.
I'd be interested in how it goes for you....

Oh, and again, fretting accomplishes nothing...and may reflect an inability to cope with stress...which is what police do a LOT of.

And, a bit out of my field of expertise....consider your Church. I belive Scriptures more than suggest that the Almighty has broad shoulders, and will assume all of your worries...
It is taken care of, and already paid for....and insulting, for you to think otherwise.
Soendeth, this epistle,
Good Luck,'Semper Fi,

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