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Hi Dick,

    I was just wondering if an application for a police officer might automatically get disqualified if you were honest enough to put that you didn't show up to work and ultimately got fired. And if you don't mention the job at all on the application, will the background investigation reveal that information?

Thomas, I wouldn't worry too much about this.  Unless this is a job you've held for years, and you have had a long history of not showing up for work, it could be explained away, such as, "I left this job because I had other more important things to take care of at the time."  If this was one of your first jobs, it is unlikely they would determine you even held it.  Try to accent the positive and minimize the negative.

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I`ve spent twenty-five years in law enforcement as a state trooper and deputy sheriff. Retired as a lead homicide investigator. My interest is in answering questions dealing with ethical and moral dilemmas facing officers in the field.

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