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So I have a couple questions I am undergoing a background check currently and am worried about some seemingly small stupid stuff I did when I was younger!!

1. I got suspended in high school freshman year so 13 years ago for giving my prescription of acne pills to a friend she in return sold it as Vicodin which of course it wasn't. Would this be a big deal to an investigator?

2. When I was 18 and stupid I let some things go to collections which was about 8 years ago since the age of 20 ( now I'm 26) nothing has gone to collections and I am very responsible

3. I got married at 18 stupidly and foolishly and got divorced by 20. Not even sure this matters.

Also I am currently on a anti depressant for post parting depression after
Having my daughter I really don't probably need them anymore but wondering if this would kick me out of psych evaluation?  

I was completely honest with the BI on my case and I have my associates in criminal justice and have maintained good solid employment with the same company the last 7 years. With everything said do you think I'm a good candidate for becoming an emergency dispatcher?!

Also I'm on week four of this background investigation and am wondering what is the average amount of time it takes to finish a background.


It's impossible to give you a "yes" or "no" answer since I have no idea what the hiring standards and rules are for the department that you are applying to.

Every police department in the country has different standards.

The best that I can do for you is to tell you that none of the things that you have mentioned will help you.  On the other hand they may not hurt your chances.

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