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I'm a novelist writing about a woman who woke up one morning and found that her boyfriend and her infant disappeared. All items in the house that belonged to the two were gone, no evidence that she ever lived there with anybody.

 My question: she calls the police. What is the procedure? It is evident that she gave birth. Would they accuse her of killing the baby? Well...I think I need to know first what the police would do under the circumstances.

 I thank you in advance for helping me out.

ANSWER: Henya,

Let me ask you some questions first.  

How old is the infant?  Is there some reason that the police would jump to the conclusion that the baby and mother have been murdered?  Any blood or other evidence pointing that way?

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QUESTION: No blood. Nothing. But it's obvious that she has given birth. The baby was two weeks old. Her boyfriend has planned it this way in advance.
Point is: she calls the police. They come over. No trace of any foul play. The boyfriend drugged her the night before, removed the baby's furniture, all their clothes, no pictures they ever existed. The woman is still lactated, still looks like she's pregnant. It's obvious she was. So, the way I see it...the police will  have to conclude something. If she claims she had a baby, then where was the baby?

Unless there are previous reports of this man abusing women or domestic violence calls to this address there would be no reason why the police would suspect that anyone had been murdered.

People disappear all of the time in the middle of the night.  Some are women with infants.  I'd be confident that the uniformed officer who came to the house would view this as a voluntary disappearance.  He might take a missing person report and enter the names of the mother and baby into NCIC and be on his way.  He probably would suspect that there was trouble in the relationship and that is why the lady left.

The officer might check back in a few days to see if they returned.  On the other hand the case would be assigned to a detective and he/she would call back in a few days.


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