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My name is Bob Anderson, growing up I have always wanted to become a police officer. I currently live in Oregon, and I am hoping to become a police officer in Oregon as well. Growing up I have been known as the perfect kid, I was always super nice, and I never ever caused any problems at all. I was always the kid that stayed away from problems and i was always willing to help people whenever they needed it. When I entered High school i was a great athlete, i played football, basketball and baseball through out high school and loved sports very much. I still to this day love sports very much. After high school was over, I wanted to receive a degree in criminal justice. So I indeed went after that goal, I also entered a police cadet program when I was 18 and I was in that for a year. At the age of 19, I went though this stage in my life that i regret in a huge way. As I was attending school, my parents went through a problem. They were continually fighting and talking about separating  all the time. It was very obvious to me that they were wanting to get a divorce and they made that very clear by the way they treated each other. I am not one to make excuses at all but I went through this depression stage that I never knew was possible for my body to go through. As I was going through that depression stage, I decided to make up a false police report that I was robbed by an individual with a knife. I believe I did this to get attention from my parents and I felt that was the only way to do so. So I indeed did follow through with the report and I went into the PD and told them what happened and then walked out after I reported it. After a month I was feeling very guilty about the action that I committed and I finally could not put up with it anymore. I went and told the police department that I lied about what happened and i told them everything. I got a citation for initiating a false report. Remember I was also in a police cadet program, I then told them about the charge. I was by far the best cadet at the department and all the staff of the cadet program knew that and because of that i was not let go from the department right away. They all had so much respect for me it was hard for them to let me go. I was so involved in the program, and i was known as the only cadet in the program that could go straight from the cadet program to a full time officer at the age of 21. If I wouldn't have got in trouble they told me I would have got hired at 21 easily with the same department. I went no longer have this stage going on, I was very immature and I have learned from this in a huge way.I am back to being the great kid I have always been. This is immaturity that go t me in trouble and I will never go though a stage like this again. I have learned fro it! I had long talks with all the officers at the police department and they finally made a decision to let me go after a long talking to with the chief.They tried everything to keep my around. After 6 months my charge gets dismissed and then I will get in sealed right away.I am planning on getting a bachelors in Human development and a minor in writing. I am also planning on now getting a masters in Pub public administration because I need to make myself stand out over others because of the mistake I made. After all of this, All the police officers that were ahead of my cadet program still say they respect me in a huge way. I still stay in contact with them all the time and they still want me to apply as years go by . I will not apply anywhere until I now finish my masters degree, so that would be around 24 or 25. All the police officers in charge of the cadet program still say they will give me a great word for references if I apply to another PD later on because they know I just made a horrible mistake and they know I can be a great officer in the future if someone gives me a chance. They say I made it a lot harder on me, but the Masters will help me out and I need to stay out of trouble for the next 5 years. I have never been in trouble before, I have never even got a ticket. I just went though a horrible stage in my life. Like I said, I admitted to my mistake and I still have a lot of respect from the cops at the department I did the cadet program at. They still resect me because thry respect am a great kid, just made a horrible mistake. They said they will tell agencies that when i apply and they want me to put them down as references when i start applying. Like I said, It is getting dismissed and then sealed. I am also going to get a bachelors and a masters now. Never ever been in trouble before, and I really am a great kid, just made a horrible mistake.

What are your thoughts? Can I still get hired? What do I need to do to increase my chances? Any advice for me?

Thank you!

It sounds like you are on the right track, truth be told.   I think once the proper amount of time passes, and you get those degrees, as well as staying out of further issues, you'll be ok.   This isn't the complete end of the world, just a small bump in the road.   

Best of luck!  

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