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QUESTION: Good morning Chris,

I've always wanted to be a Police officer , ever since I first saw my first police car and pursuit  at a very young age, I knew  it was for me. As you know life works in mysterious ways  and nobody's perfect  but have made some mistakes which my really mess me up. My driving record is the best I do have two speeding tickets and other small violations. I for the first time ever got arrested and for being at the wrong place and time but haven't been charged yet. My credit isn't to die for and needs a lot of work. Amongst all this the thing that bothers me more is that I will be 24 this year and  I ain't getting any younger. I've applied to one department in the area so far when I was 21 and failed the  entry test . I've been on about 3 ride along's and I know this is the career for me . I have tried school but never got past the first semester it just wasn't for me. I have always heard that to be a police officer its who you know that will help you, but I don't know governors or  judges so that  wouldn't help me. I won't give up on being a cop but I know all the chips are stacked against me , so with all this said I wanted to know from a true veteran Do I have a chance? Thank you

ANSWER: Hi Justin,

How about instead of telling me whats going to stop you from getting a job as a cop you tell what is going to help you get a job as a cop. What makes you a person I as a Chief would want to hire. It can't be just because this is the job you want, because many qualified people want this job also. So convince me I should hire you over the next person.

Now lets see how you sell yourself.

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QUESTION: Mr.Wagoner,

What would make me a great candidate for being a cop is that I am great under pressure and stress, I do realize that nothing can really prepare you for what  a cops see 's and live s everyday  but know I can handle it. I am very quick on my feet and always aware of my surroundings. I make decisions based on logic and what's right I also have a very team orianted spirit one lone cop can't make a big difference with out his partner's by his side. I am very proactive and know the streets I know how to talk to people and de escalate harmful  situations. I am very athletic and can defend myself but also can do days of paper work and report writing. I also know its good to  have a since of humor in this field because there will be hard times. I want to be a the first in my family to make a difference and the first to be a cop to set and example  that my future generations can  follow . This is my dream career and I will complete it with flying colors if I only get one chance . That's what I would say ,the truth  what would you think of that if you were my hiring officer? Thank You

Sounds great! Just make sure not to make yourself sound all good. You should also add to that one fault you have and how you are working to improve in that area. That way they see you are truly self assessing and are working to fix items you see as areas that need improvement.

Good Job, and good luck in your career seeking. If you do get hired or have positive interview experiences or negative also, let me know. I always like to hear when someone that asked a question here does well.

Be safe and stay low!  

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I am a 30+ year veteran police officer, I am currently the Police Academy Commander of an Academy in North FLorida. I have been training police officers since 1993 and have trained them in all aspects of law enforcement, including firearms, Driving and legal subjects including patrol techniques and others and training all over the world. I have trained over 5000 officers worldwide in the last 16 years of training.

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