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Hello sir, I am a 23 year old female, I've had a very good job as a correctional officer for almost 4 years I did not have a single disciplinary, and I was a very good officer, I had to be... I'm a single mother of a little boy, I became pregnant with him in highschool. But in March 2012 I decided I wanted to go to cosmetology school (regret this decision) and I quit my job as a correctional officer because of the conflicting schedules. I am currently applying for a position as a police officer trainee, and am hoping to be considered. Only as soon as I have hope for something I remember a terrible decision I made about 6 or 7 months ago, I tried weed for the first and ONLY time one night (the stupidest thing I've ever done)  while spending time with people I considered friends for a short period of time (their partying behavior was too much for me as I don't spend that many nights out away from my son). My question is if I have NEVER been arrested, or have never had any type of criminal record wam I automatically disqualified from this great opportunity in this career? I've always loved the criminal justice field, but now I feel quite stupid for the dumb choice I made, and I can only hope I haven't ruined my chances for supporting my son by working in such an amazing job as law enforcement. Thank you so much for your time.

Hi Ashley,

No relax you will be fine. Everyone makes mistakes and you just happen to have done your recently. Most agencies like to have at least 1 year between your last use and the time you apply for the department. Of course this varies from department to department so it could be longer. Check with the agency your thinking of applying to to find out their specific limits.

You haven't ruined your chances. Have you ever thought of living in Florida? I know the agencies here like certified correctional officers as applicants. And many agencies would look very seriously at you. But Texas is a great state also and you probably have family and friends there.

Relax and while you are waiting for the time you need to pass and apply, maybe look at a few classes in college? Many agencies pay extra for degrees and will also pay for your tuition or at least help a lot in paying for it. You would be VERY marketable if you got a 2 year degree in Criminal Justice, and then applied since the time required would have passed and you are showing them you realized your mistake and used your time away very productively and went and got some college or a degree while you were waiting. That would be a huge plus in your favor. You have to remember you are competing against others for the job and the agencies look at who is most qualified. many are coming out of college these days with degrees and applying. Getting a degree would place you on a even playing field with the others that have them. And it shows maturity and understanding about your mistake. You can actually turn it into a selling point.

If you cannot afford college there are programs at most colleges for single parents to get grants to go to college, and student aid will also help.

Hope these ideas help ease your mind, you will be fine, let a little time pass (at least 1 year if not more) between your mistake day and when you apply. When in doubt check with the specific department you are applying to before you do.  

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