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This is a long one. I have been a law enforcment officer for a little over 3 years. I have done very well except when I took a job at a department and after 1.5 yrs, I had a very messed up schedule with 8 hrs between shifts (we were short on officers) and it wore me down too much and caused to much stress. I wanted to move back to my home town, I did have a couple write ups for a dirty dusty patrol car trunk and over sleeping once and a deer running into the side of my car (as if I did it). I was warned by others when I took the job that if I ever wanted to quit that I would be blackballed and they would give terrible references.This department has actually been sued for lying about past employees. Ater I resigned, I was welcomed back to the first department I had worked for and signed on as a reserve officer while I focused on getting hired at a larger department. I did apply at another department I will call #1 and was set to be hired until they contacted me and said I had to sign a waiver before that blackballer department would talk to them. I did so and ended up not getting hired with #1 (at this time I had a hunch why but did not give it much thought). So I went back to the blackballer department to get some papers filled out so I could close my retirement account and while there they offered me my job back. I told them that I was getting ready to test for another department, i will call #2, and I would get back to them. I was one of the top 2 applicants but not hired at that time. I went back to the blackballer (I was broke) and took my job back. After 3 days of being hired, I got a call and offered that #2 job!!! I told the blackballer I got the job and he came totally unglued. Screaming and yelling and threatening to ruin me and my career. Then I get a call from the department #1 asking me if I had found a job, they really liked me. #1 told me that the blackballer went out of his way to make sure that I did not get hired. I informed #1 that I was re-hired by that blackballer department and he was beside himself. He would not tell me what was said about me but it must have been really bad. What can I do to stop the blackballer from hurting my career??????


Hello John,

My suggestion is that you move out of the area. If that is not an option then you do have the legal option of suing that department for what they call libel. Libel is when they say false things about you that cost you money an example would be not being able to get hired by department. If they are lying about you you can subpoena the people who he talked to and ask them during deposition what was said and they have to tell the truth.

I would get an attorney to write a letter for you to the department that is blackballing you. Telling them that if the libel continues that you will seek civil remedy in court against the department. That may or may not stop the problems that you're having with the department.

It really depends on what you're willing to do in order to get out of the situation. Moving would be the easiest and probably the better way. You don't have to move out of state but if you move out of the area and then during the hiring process explained to the agency are looking at being hired by that this is going to occur and then give them some good references, like officers on the department would be perfect if they contradicted the administration's view of you.

Hope this helps.

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