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First and foremost I would like to express my upmost respect to all LEOs and thank your for taking the time to answer my question. I am 24 years old and I have aspirations to become a police officer. I didn't always want to be a LEO but when I began working armed security I decided its something I would really like to do. I have been working Armed security now for about 2 years. I find I really enjoy what I do. I'm an excellent problem solver and find I excel in hostile situations.

My concern becomming a police officer is my juvinile record. All charges were expunged when I became and adult. I appeared infront of a judge when I was 20 and asked to have my record expunged. The Judge granted my request and felt i was now a responsible adult.  I know a PD investigator will still be able to see my juvinile record.

When I was 12-13 years old I had a fight with my brother at my home. My mother panicked and called the police. Upon there arrival I was placed in handcuffs and taken to the police station where I was later realeased to my parents. I am unsure if I was ever charged with anything from this incident. I was taken to the police station so I'm sure there is a report if I wasn't charged with anything.

When I was 15 I smoked pot once. I gave into peer pressure at a party and Tryed it. I plan on being 100% honest when applying to a department and will be admitting this even though I was never caught.

When I was 16 years old me and a few friends decided to smash pumpkins for Halloween.  I was arrested and charged with M3 criminal mischief and M4 criminal trespass.

As a result of the event listed above I had my licence suspended for 3 months.  I was granted privledges to drive to and from work as this was during summer while school was out.

A month into my suspension I was caught driving under suspension and put on probation and given an additional 3 month licence suspension.

I completed my probation and got my licence back. I made a decion to become a responsible young man. I take full responcibility for my actions as a youth and looking back on my bad decisions they disgust me.

I have never been in trouble again since I was 16. I am now 24 years old and a responsible law abiding citizen. I have a few tickets on my licence because I worked for a company that required me to drive long distances all the time. 500+ miles a week.

My credit is slightly below average as I have student loans and have missed a few payments but I have not defaulted on anything.

I applied for a CCW in ohio and was not given any problems with my background through the sherifs office. I also did not have any problems with my background when I became an armed guard.

I would like your honest opinion. I don't want you to be nice or try to not hurt my feelings. I need the truth. Not having a single incident in over 8 years do you think I have a chance of becoming an LEO with my juvinile record?

Good morning Mitch,

Okay I will not be nice and I can assure you that I am not taking your feelings into consideration.

Those things that you mention are extremely minor in nature, and also they occurred while you were a juvenile, in fact a younger juvenile. I do not think you are going to have any problems whatsoever in your application process duty your background. What you describe are really really minor things compared to most issues people have and you should be okay.

The fight with your brother that you mention is really something that will not affect you at all.

Smoking pot once is well below the average person who reports drug use and that should be really really good for you.

The smashing pumpkins is something that I find humorous and background investigators are not going to be too concerned whatsoever with that issue.

Your credit being slightly below average due to student loans pretty much reflects the entire nation. So don't worry about that either.

The fact that you were able to get a CCW tells you that your background is not going to disqualify you to carry a weapon and that's definitely a positive. Your background in security arm security especially is going to help you out also in your process.

I would say get on it and get applying because I don't think you're going to have any problems at that your entire background.

So I hope I didn't hurt your feelings at all. :-)

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