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i have a question about how far the police can go.
ok I'm under 16, and female.
never been in trouble with the police before, but a few nights ago a window was smashed and as i was walking to the shop i saw 2 police go into it and stared at me and my friend. then tonight when i was walking home with a different friend a police man stopped us, started shouting at me and accusing me of smashing the window, grabbed me and threw me in the car, so that;s when i started shouting at him, then he accused me of being on drugs and left my friend to walk home herself in the dark.
my mum has spoke to him but he still thinks it was me, and she believes me and knows it wasn't me. I'm from the UK if that makes a difference.

Hi Caitlin,

Well I am not sure about UK laws, but I would venture to say they are not much different that the US ones. Plus I know that if you have an issue with a police officer, you should notify that police officers supervisor. If you feel you need to, you have the right to make a complaint on the way your being treated and you should do so.

I would say you and your mum go to the police station and ask to speak to the police supervisor for that officer, and voice your concerns about your treatment.

Let me know how it goes.

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