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when i was in high school i worked at a dollar general. i was the picture perfect employee and was only there for 8 months and they wanted me to be a manager i was possibly a junior or senior in high school and had tired marijuana  a few times. i ended up having to take a drug test for that position and didn't think about my brief use of marijuana. the test came up positive and they had to let me go even though i was a good worker. understandably. i am now finishing my corrections degree and hoping to get into the policy academy this fall. will i be rejected if i put down in my work history that i was let go from that job for that reason. i have had two more jobs since then. that i did put down for my employment history and i left out dollar general. but now i am wondering if they will see it anyway and see that i didn't put it on there and disqualify for that.

what should i do!

Hi Nino,

Your failure to put an employment down, especially in an attempt to hide a negative employment history will more than likely result in your being disqualified from the application process. They get your Social Security records and compare it to your listing of jobs. When it does not match or they see you left something out they may or may not ask you about it and it will more than likely result in you being dropped from the process.

What you did was try to hide a negative issue in your past rather than try to explain it to the agency. This is something they look at as a honesty issue and it is. You should always list every employment, both negative and positive. That way they at least see you are being honest. They can work with the reasons for the loss of the job when you explain it to them.

I would put it down on any future applications and deal with the subject when it comes up. Your past drug use will have to be listed also and that will have to be dealt with during the application process also.

Be honest and complete and deal with the issues instead of trying to hide them. They will find out and you will be disqualified if you did not put these things down.

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