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So I am in school working on prereqs to get into UF for their criminology department, to eventually become an attorney. I've found some interest in becoming an investigator of some sort, but am aware that I must be a police officer first. So I am wondering if all my past is overlookable, its a lot so here goes:

At 13 I stole a car and got grand theft auto and was put on probation including license suspension.

At 15 I stole some food, and violated that probation.

In the four years that I was on probation I violated many times for running away from shelters and foster homes.

At 17 they caught me and sent me to a level 6 program, even though the only real crimes I committed were very old and only 2, I went for running away.

I have smoked pot, never on a daily basis and never bought it, but smoked it socially.
I have tried cocaine, but no other drugs.

I was arrested but NEVER CONVICTED of three offenses:
Battery on the Elderly
Violating a DV injunction
Violating a RV injunction

I have had one accident where I was ticketed reckless driving about 7 years ago.

And my credit is not that great, mainly with student loans but I have 2 outstanding credit cards that have been at max level for 5 years

So now laugh if you will but I still want to think its worth a try.... I was a kid, I never got convicted, and my credit is understandable.

Hello Amy,
Well, the probability of you realizing your goals are a bit iffy.
Generally, juvenile records are sealed and not weighed in the calculus.
What is troubling, is that you have seemingly learned very little about: choices coupled with consequences.
What this illustrates, is a pattern of poor choices, which is difficult to ignore.
These poor choices reflect decision making process, lending toward character.
Character is the corner stone of what Human Resource folks are seeking.
Why not approach one or two agencies that appeal to you, and directly respond to their inquiry with personnel officers?
Some agencies offer a Volunteer program. This is a nice way to access an agency, where you can see how you fit, and it gives them a chance to see if you have matured to a level of responsibility.
Some offer part-time cadet jobs, this too offers opportunity as an "in-sider".
I would certainly delve into some of these matters, prior to investing time, effort and expense to a related college field of study.
While I'm at it, consider a double major, with no minor....the difference in credits is minimal, and provides you with equal strength in two fields of study.

Also, consider various REGULATORY agencies. They too conduct Investigations, albeit in in a narrower field of concentration.
You might be wise to consider that avenue..Plus, you don't have to do the requisite years in a patrol cruiser, until you get a shot at working burglary or larceny cases.

Hope this is helpful.
Free dope is still use, and giving it away is often the same as sales, ie., 'furnishing'.
In any event....time to grow up, and make better choices......
Good Luck,
Semper Fi,

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