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I am a student in college pursuing a criminology degree.  One of the requirements of graduation is completing an internship, and I was placed with the local police department (in a moderately large city).  I eventually got a call to meet with the investigator.  I didn't hear from them for about 3 months, when I emailed the internship contact to see what was taking so long.  She check and emailed me back that she got a notice about 3 days after my meeting that I was disqualified, and that she figured I would be contacted by the background investigator (I was not).  It did not say why.

Next I try with a small town police department nearby.  The background check should take a matter of weeks, it has been about 2 months since I turned in the personal history statement.  They knew before I applied that I had failed my first background check. At least I am assuming I failed the background check, since I did not know what disqualified me.

I have had one speeding ticket, which was paid off.  I recently had an at fault accident, but it was after I turned in the PHS for the second agency, so it is not the reason i was disqualified from the first. I have never tried drugs, besides occasionally drinking when I was about 18-19.  I no longer drink, even though I am over 21.  I have never been arrested, nor convicted of any crimes.

There are two things that I can think of that could disqualify me.   I used to watch pornography.  I don't any more, although I did at the time of turning in the personal history statement, but before I met with the investigator. When I was about 14 or 15, I looked at underage porn.  The reason is that I was interested in what girls my age looked like nude. I was not interested in anything younger than I was.  I did not make a habit of it, and I only did it a couple of times, because I was curious.  I did not even remember doing this until I saw the question on the personal history statement, and even then I did not really think about it until the interview.  Now that I know more about it, it sickens me that I did that, but I did not know better then.

The second possible red flag is that when I was 18, I was on skype with a friend (who I thought was 18 at the time, but she was not 18 by a couple of months).  Long story short, we masturbated watching each other.  

I was completely open with the investigator and did not try to hide anything.  It was when I was a young teenager, not even something that I think about now.  

I am somewhat worried at the lack of contact about the disqualification.  I tried emailed the investigator to ask, and he never responded.  I was told that they would contact me even if I failed.  The investigator told me that about 3 weeks after I met with him (also about 2-3 weeks since they disqualified me).   Is there a way to get a copy of my background check? Is there a way to know if they are doing an investigation on me? If they are I'm not super worried since, as I said, it was years ago and I was a juvenile, but it could delay future background checks, which could delay my graduation.  Any ideas of what happened/ or if I will ever pass a background check would be appreciated.  Besides those things, I'm pretty much the model clean guy.

Again, this was for an internship position, not a job, and they did not have applicants ahead of me, because I was placed there by my school.

Hi Worried,

It is the pornography that is DQing you. Its a felony (and a federal crime also)and most agencies will not touch anyone that has done that, even as a juvenile. You will have to find an agency that will allow you to explain just like you did here, to the BI what happened. I think you should talk to the BI before you turn in your application about these things and that may give you a chance. I commend you for being honest and open, just be that way with the BI before you turn your application in and let them know that these things were at the time innocent encounters and curiosity and not an addition or daily need and they may consider you.

Good luck in your pursuits and hope the best for you.  

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