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Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond. In about 5 days now I will be going in for the written, physical, and oral exams. In this time I have been filling out the application and information about my background. While filling this out I realized that there was a point and time about 4 years ago while I was heading to NTC (National Training Center) When the day before I received a ticket for rushing home for family time. I had asked my wife at the time to pay the ticket while I was gone. While she did not pay it, thinking she had I did not bring it up again. I just found out at the beginning of this year that the ticket was not paid and suspended a WA state drivers license (I never had a physical copy). Will this affect me terribly since it was so long ago, or will the background agent be able to look over this and see that everything has been handled as of recent?

My next question is that I was recently terminated from a job due to management conflict. Before I left my job, I was being harassed by the management on everything I was doing. They were creating double standards and writing me up for things that I know other people were doing at the same time. I was not able to complain to higher about it because we were technically a sister company to the main. I did not know the phone number to call. When I left I told them I was done and would not be coming back, that I was moving to another state. They then waited for the upcoming week to mark me as a No Call/No Show. This got me terminated and worries me that it will have a large effect on my employment.

Lastly, I just got hired with a security company in CA. While they were going through my background check they noticed some words on there that said "Livestock." I have no idea what this means. I have never owned livestock in my entire life, nor have I ever beat a farm animal. This has led me to believe they have the wrong person. Although the allegation is coming from the same state I am from, I do not know anything about the issue. They would not even tell me if I was cited or convicted of something. Should I continue investigating myself on the situation, while marking it down on my continuation sheet that there is something there on my background check?

Thank you again for your time and patience! Have a great day


I am not sure what you applying for but I would have to presume that it is a position in law enforcement.

Understand this.  Each and every police department in the country has its own hiring standards.  No two are the same.  What might be true on Department #A might not be true on Department #B and #C.  There are NO national guidelines or rules.

You asked several times what the "investigator would do".  That is impossible to answer.  That is like me asking you what the clerk at KMart will do.  Whoever he is he will do what is best for his department and make recommendations to hire the best people possible.

1.  your ticket and suspension will certainly not help you.  Obviously it's going to come up during the background so of course you need to answer truthfully on the application, questionnaire, or interview.

2.  Your termination situation could go either way.  I will tell you this.  Any firing is a red flag for a background investigator.  Without knowing both sides of the story that is the best I can do.

3. I am not sure what happened with the "Livestock" issue.  Was this a criminal charge that they discovered?  Whatever it was the background investigator will have access to all criminal background records that he needs.  If they (the security company) had the wrong person then it shouldn't be an issue.

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