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I am in process of police background.  They ask to name all previous employers and address/phone # etc.  The business has closed down, what should I put in employment history and how can the dept get in contact with them.

Hello Carlos,
It is important for you to be as complete and comprehensive as you can on your work history (and all other issues in background).

Be as diligent as you can, in terms of dates, addresses and telephone numbers.
Also your supervisor or owners' names are helpful.
If you can be as complete as you possibly can, then don't worry about the the business no longer being open.
The "follow up Investigation is the provence of the police agency. They have ways of locating former owners and supervisors, through local tax rolls, business licencing etc.

Your due diligence, is to be open, honest and complete.

Remember, it is not unusual for an agency to polygraph employee candidates, and beyond the routine preliminary inquiry, they often take information off of the candidates' own application for material to formulate questions.

Also remember, that the candidate who can pony up the best/most favorable information, tends to prevail as the most attractive candidate.
The agency is looking for many things in an applicant, and collectively, "character" and potential are up toward the top.

Hope this is helpful.
If you happen to know where the previous owners or supervisor is now located, you can include your personal understanding to include such helpful information.

Good Luck,
Semper Fi.


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