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I am in the process of applying for a local police department and was curious about the repercussions that could occur based on my answer. The question was "Have you ever purchased an alcoholic beverage for a person you knew to be under the legal drinking age?" I have a sister who is currently 20 and we were both college kids at the same time, I'm 22. There would be certain situations where I would buy her a type of drink for family vacations or small parties. Aside from this, I have a full clean record with no previous drug usage or alcohol-related incidents as well as only two citations in my driving history. Would this be an incident that would constitute rejection of my application or even worse, serve as a confession leading to criminalization seeing as how it occurred within the statute of limitations time?

Thanks for your time.

It is always difficult to determine, what Q&A passes through  the filters, and what does not.
What usually does not, is an effort to dodge, wordsmith, ''adjust'' or in some other convoluted manner, be duplicitous with a response to a simple question.
True, you can frame a response with as favorable an answer as you can, and still stay within the parameters of truth.
Remember, what they are looking for, is truthfulness....which is a corner stone to character.
"Perfection" is clearly not a precondition, but honesty is viewed seriously.
Also, maturity, and judgement issues are factored into the calculus.

My counsel would be to answer honestly, and truthful.....expressing a response with the least amount of language, to convey the answer.
This, may open the door for further inquiry, where then, is a more appropriate time to express details.

Keep in mind, that is is NOT unusual, for an agency to employ a polygraph examination, and they can be expected to formulate their questions by what you answer in a written format, or utter in an oral interview...
Acknowledging that your judgement was not within the legal limits, but ...understandable when coupled with youthful exuberance, family manner etc...but admitting it was a bad choice for you, and further placing a family member in a potentially compromising place with alcohol influencing her capacity to make appropriate choices.
Hope this is helpful.
This represents my opinion, not anything in granite, as a testing template.
Good Luck,
Semper Fi,

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Thank you for your help! This may seem ridiculous, but what are the chances that it could incriminate me?


Zero chances, as a practical matter, and near zero as a legal matter.

They are not trolling for criminal cases. Don't over think this stuff. They are trying to be fair, and to winnow chaff from grain, in terms of personnel potential.
Answer truthfully, and just don't read anything spooky into it.

Good Luck,

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