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Careers: Police/past drug use will it ruin my hopes of a LE career


Hello while i was at the end of my eighth grade and high school years Junior/senior i tried marijuana i was not a huge user only took 1-2 hits i have used a total of seven times ever and have since stopped associating myself with the individuals i did and have bettered my life. I am a volunteer EMT in my community and am involved with the criminal justice club at my college.  As far as everything else is concerned my criminal  and driving records are clean with the exception of two accidents one of which was my fault i plan on being honest with all departments and showing integrity and honesty towards past mistakes i just hope that it will not ruin my aspirations of a LE career

Hello Vito,
Prophecy is not one of my gifts, so I can't say one way or another.
However, I would like to think if all is/was as you say, that it shouldn't be a 'deal breaker'.
I think the feds have even relaxed some of their standards, in terms of youthful exuberance, and indiscretion, especially with rare experimenting, and marginal youthful judgement.

I would say, that what ever the written exam and questionnaire request, answer specifically and accurately.
The same hold true for the oral interview.
Typically, an agency polygraph operator will construct questions based on your responses to a written inquiry, or oral interview.

Honesty is a corner stone of character, which is what they seek.
I think you'll be ok...
Good Luck,
Semper Fi,

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