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I love to watch, for example, Dallas SWAT, and other similar shows.  One of the questions I always have is, when they hit a house, but the people there are not involved, how do the people pay for the damage that has been done to their home?  The crashed windows, damaged door frames and other issues?

Also, after the swat and they DO catch people, do they lock up the homes afterwards, or leave them open to possible looting, what about the dogs and animals who no longer have anyone to care for them.  What happens to them?

I have always wondered about this.  

Thank you

Hello Kee,
Worry not......your government agencies handle such things as you bring up, appropriately.

The issue is not whether the ''people are  or are not involved"..
Government is not in the business of property damage, excluding court authorized destruction of certain kinds of evidence, after all legal recourse has been exhausted.

Typically, the agency Rick Manager responds to the scene, examines, diagrams, photographs etc...the damage incurred by the government, and repairs usually will be addressed via standard bid laws for the work....through agency business office.

Many bandits live in rented facilities. If the owner was aware that criminal activity eg., prostitution, meth lab etc was being operated out of the property, thaere will be statutory remedies to address that issue, possibly criminally, but likely civilaly.

Some locations, again, like a meth lab.....a hazmat unit and EPA will be called upon for an assessment, on what is required for the property to be made safe, and/or repaired.

At the least, the supervisor of the police, will make a comprehensive report on the damage...and in a small agency, may call upon the traffic accident investigations unit to respond to photograph, and diagram.

if there are any animals in the property buildings, on the property or the curtilage, arrangements will be made through animal control to address these needs.
If juvenile or handicapped people are on the premises, arrangements will typically be made through child services to respond.
If a business is involved, the courts may also require the agency to take steps to see that the business (legitimate) does not fail, or slide in value, or profit.
Things like care of plants, pools etc are not overlooked.
Years ago, the IRS seized a NV brothel as I recall. Prior to the litiation being finalized with the government, the IRS had to retain a management company, to operate, soas not to be responsible for a value decline.

The governemnt is responsible for their acts, and one act, or lack thereof, that they try very hard to avoid, is that of negligence.....where the courts take a dim view.

You shouldn't be surprised to learn, that an element of the case disposition and sanctions, restitution is usually factored into the calculus, that would essentially reimburse the government for costs associated with their action...

These, are judgement calls by the court, petitioned by the police/prosecurorial agencies.

Hope this is helpful.
Semper Fi,

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