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I was wondering if the background investigation was done before or after you are invited to a interview with the chief?

Hello Kyle,
I can only guess, and offer limited insight, if that will be helpful.

Usually, agencies processes are based on a combination of: time/expense.
This is due to government agencies, especially at the local and state levels work with a finite budget.

That said, I would guess that there was atleast a cursory review of your background, prior to an oral examination..
This may include driving history, arrests, civil litigation, pending cases etc.

The agency lives within parameters of vicarious liability, including :hiring unfit employees, retaining unfit employees, due diligence, fiduciary responsibilities in personnel matters, labor contracts etc...hiring practices although generic, also enjoy many similarities.

Assuming the first screening was favorable, an oral interview will help the agency HR interests discern character, potential, passion, and other abstract considerations...
If you do well in the oral, and considered an attractive candidate for consideration, probably the next filtering process to be addressed, is a detailed background investigation, which is costly in time and expense.

They are looking for concerns of honesty, truthfulness, other attributes associated with 'character'....
A poor driving record would make you unhirable, as the liability exposure would be expanded for the agency.
If you demonstrated poor judgement, and decision making via stupid debt issues, they would notice that.
If you have ever been associated in a ''domestic violence'' issue...probably a deal breaker.

Youthful exuberance and indiscretion may only be stretched so far...

Remember, it is not unusual for an agency to polygraph applicants, and use their written forms and oral interview responses for questioning material...

Hope this is a little helpful for you....
Think positive, if the Chief will take the time to interview you....which wouldn't happen, if the first filters were less than favorable.
Good Luck,
Semper Fi,

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