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Hi I recently passed the civil service exam for a local law enforcement agency and am getting ready to take the physical agility exam. Im am not worried about the physical but am concern about the background check immediately after. I tried ecstasy one time four years ago and seven years ago while in high school I sold two of my prescription vicodin to a friend of mine. Im not happy about these choices I made but I made them nonetheless. I have never been arrested and only have had a few minor traffic violations. Other than that I have a clean record with a really good credit score and good work ethic. What are my chances of passing the background check or am I thinking too much about this? I have a really good character and slipped up a couple times but those mistakes dont reflect the person I am today.

Derek, I do believe you are making too much out of things you did as a juvenile.  We have a Juvenile Justice System that basically recognizes that much of the things young people do are not acts we should nail them to the cross for.  That is why names and specific details of juvenile crime are not available, the law recognizes that there are too many cases of people getting their acts together and they shouldn't be weighed down by their young, unwise choices. When it comes time for your background, I'd be amazed if anything you described would show up. I'd be more concerned with your oral boards. When asked about your youthful misdeeds, I would recognize for just what they were...things you yielded to because of peer pressure, etc. but as an adult you have put away these childish pursuits.  Not having been arrested states more to that than anything you could say.  I wish you well in your pursuit of a law enforcement career.  

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