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I recently sustained a back injury at work. I had to have a very simple back surgery.. This is all under workers comp... The doc is saying that I should have a 90%-full recovery... my question is that if I have a full recovery with little to no disability do I have to disclose this to the agency that I will be applying for? And if I have some disability like 10% how bad will that prevent me from being a deputy sheriff? Thanks in advance

Jim, I'm afraid I cannot answer your question. It would seem that you would not be impacted by the long term results of the surgery, but I've never dealt with the degree to which they submit issues like you raise. I do have a suggestion for you. Call the L.A. Sheriffs Personnel Bureau or Career Development Bureau and state your case to one of the recruiters, indicating that you do not want to go through the lengthy process is it's a forgone conclusion you won't be hired.  Google the department for a phone number.  Good luck.

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