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I often watch SWAT and other similar shows on TV.  I always wonder if the houses or apartments that they break into get fixed back up again?

For example, when doors are broken down, windows crashed in, or sometimes the whole side of a house comes down.  

I just wondered about that.

Thank you

Hello Kee,
Interesting question, and one I am sure other civilians share.

The government is responsible for the repairs....and in a timely manner.
That, is the short expand. This includes righteous warrants or in ''hot-pursuit' of a bandit, or issues of error.
Police don't like to admit it, but there are times when the wrong door gets kicked happens.
"Human error" does not exclude law enforcement.
Here again, the government is responsible.
Usually, police are allowed to ''use whatever force necessary" to effect a lawful arrest, execute a lawful warrant, or in the performance of their assigned duties.

The courts won't struggle with ''right v. wrong' on property damage...police are not assigned wrecking crew duties.

Let me take you a step further....say the police have warrants for a guy and gal...they have to use force to gain entry...then, in fact arrest the two suspects.
Now, say they have small children, and pets....there is a responsibility to see that they are cared for......the property cannot fall to pieces either.
Then, the police cannot leave the property unattended, with the door kicked off the frame...The premise has to be secured, prior to leaving.
A smart cop will inquire, if there are valuables on the premise, like jewelry, if the arrested folks want impounded for safe keeping.......

Once the police, or any LE agency takes action, there are attendant responsibilities that go into motion, and it is prudent, for the officers to document all that is done in these areas.

Hope this is helpful.
Semper Fi,

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