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Hello dick, my name is jason and im aspiring to become a police officer. There are a few things on my record wich i think might raise a few issues and i just wanted to know your opinion on the subject. I dont have any felonies or any serious crimes but i do believe i have two minor trespassing misdemeanors and one possesion of marajuana in the amount of just under an ounce, but it was packaged in what the arresting officer believed to be sold. On the report he wrote he said i was intending to sell but the DA ruled it down to a possesion. Now im not a drug user any longer and even before then i only smoked pot a few times a year, and only experimented with other drugs once or twice, no heroin or lsd or anything crazy like that. I was just wondering if any of this will affect me somehow? I plan to attend online school to begin my criminal justice degree and im hoping that will give me a leg up on things. What do you think about my situation? Any advice or pointers i guess would be greatly appreciated.

Jason, I get questions like this regularly.  The best I can recommend is that you view your past experience with pot as a rite-of-passage thing. In today's world, the fact someone had a mild affair with pot is not of great significance. Be up front about it and also state, with emphasis, that it was something you confronted, didn't like it, and abandoned it. Also, do get your degree...almost all people in law enforcement today have a college degree.  

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